What you do to me ( a poem I wrote several years ago)

Oh what you do to me,
how you make me sad.
It cancels out those times,
the good times we’ve had.

I want to cry myself to sleep
But you’re not worth my tears.
The way you affect me
is one of my fears.

You’re the mistake I make
time and time again.
When will I learn?
Can’t wait until then.

Do you do this on purpose?
Or do you not know?
What you do to me.
Oh no, the woe.

Are you for real?
I think you’re fake.
You never give,
you only take.

You’ve tested the strength,
the strength of my heart
multiple times
you have torn it apart.

My mind realizes what you are
how you take my heart far.
You take it, and break it
and leave me a scar.

Oh, what you do to me.
Were you only a fantasy?
From you, my friend
I wish to be free.


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