Random weird places to do it (just for fun)

1.  A dressing room
2.   Abandoned building
3.   Alley
4.   Antarctica
5.   At a radio station
6.   At an anime convention
7.   At an execution
8.   At the Olympics
9.   Attic
10. Back of a truck
11. Backstage
12. Bathtub
13. Bean bag chair
14. Beaver dam
15. Bowling alley
16. Boxing arena
17. Bush
18. Canoe
19. Carousel
21. Cave
24.Climbing rope
25.   Closet
26.Coat check
29.Diving board
30.Dressing room
31. Elevator
32. Escalator
35.Garbage can
37.Gas station
39. Gondola
41. Hospital
42.Hot air balloon
43.In  a pool
44.In  a rocking chair
45.In a  for sale/ model house
46.In a basement
47.In a bathtub
48.In a body of water
49.In a bounce house
50.In a box
51. In a box at a theater
52.In a broom cupboard
53.In a cherry picker
54.In a chicken coop
55.In a closed store
56.In a coffin
57.In a confessional
58.In a courtroom (bang that gavel baby!)
59.In a crib
60. In a display bed at a store
61. In a ditch
62.In a dog cage
63.In a doghouse
64.In a dollar store
65.In a dumpster
66.In a dungeon
67.In a factory
68.In a faraway land
69.In a fire truck
70.In a fish tank
71. In a fun house
72.In a giant Petri dish
73.In a giant’s trousers
74.In a glass box
75.In a haunted house
76.In a hearse
77.In a house broken into
78.In a hut
79.In a laundry basket
80.In a lecture hall
81. In a playhouse
82.In a playpen
83.In a restaurant
84.In a rocket
85.In a secret room that has motion detectors
86.In a shopping mall
87.In a snack stand
88.In a stable
89.In a stroller
90.In a time machine
91. In a tunnel
92.In a vat of jello
93.In a warehouse
94.In a water tower
95.In a wheelchair
96.In an ambulance
97.In an auditorium
98.In an igloo
99.In an outhouse
100.In the attic
101.In the audience
102. In the bathroom
103. In the bushes
104. In the trunk
105.  Jail
106. Library
107. Limo
108. Log cabin
109.  Moving vehicle
110.   Museum
111.   Nail salon
112.   On  a sleeping person
113.   On  a teeter-totter
114.   On a balcony
115.   On a beach while they’re filming a movie
116.   On a boat
117.   On a bookcase
118.   On a bridge
119.   On a clock tower
120.   On a cloud
121.   On a conveyor belt
122.   On a corpse
123.   On a diff planet/in space/the moon
124.   On a dinosaur
125.   On a dragon
126.   On a farm
127.    On a field trip
128.    On a flagpole
129.    On a giant
130.    On a giant mushroom
131.    On a hill
132.    On a ladder
133.    On a lazy Susan
134.    On a merry go round
135.    On a mountain
136.    On a movie set
137.    On a parade float
138.    On a pogo stick
139.     On a pole in a fire station
140.     On a rock
141.     On a roof
142.     On a rug
143.     On a satellite dish
144.     On a shark
145.     On a sleigh
146.     On a snorlax
147.     On a stretcher
148.     On a tarp
149.     On a TV
150.     On a unicycle
151.     On an escalator
152.     On another planet
153.     On gymnastics equipment
154.      On ice
155.      On the dance floor
156.      On the stairs
157.      On the toilet
158.      On top of a mountain
159.      On top of a tall building
160.      On top of an orgy
161.      Onstage
162.       Park bench
163.       Planned parenthood
164.       Playboy mansion
165.       Playground
166.       Police car
167.        Pool table
168.        Porch
169.        Porch swing
170.        Portapotty
171.        Rainforest
172.        Recycle bin
173.        Rocking horse
174.        Science lab
175.        Shower
176.         Spa
177.         Surfboard
178.          Tire swing
179.           Tool shed
180.           Trailer park
181.            Train
182.            Trampoline
183.            Trapeze
184.            Tree
185.            Tree fort
186.            Tree house
187.            Tunnel
188.            UFO
189.            Under a bed
190.            Under a desk
191.             Under a sprinkler
192.            Under a stage
193.            Under an umbrella
194.            Under the bleachers
195.            Under the dragon at Chinese new years
196.            Voting booth
197.            Wagon
198.            Wheelie chair
199.            While being carried on a stretcher
200.           While being lifted by a crane
201.            While Crab walking
202.           While crowd surfing
203.           While doing taxes
204.           While fighting crime
205.           While hoola hooping
206.           While in different rooms, through a hole
207.           While mountain climbing
208.           While playing an instrument
209.           While playing hide and seek
210.            While riding a Ferris wheel
211.             While riding a horse
212.            While rock climbing
213.            While scuba diving
214.            While skating
215.            While skydiving
216.            While strangling a smurf to see what color it turns
217.            While surfing
218.            While suspended from ropes
219.            While waiting in line
220.            While walking a dog
221.             While walking a plank
222.             Whitehouse
223.             Woodstock
224.             World’s cleanest bathroom
225.             World’s dirtiest bathroom
226.             Zamboni (zamboner!)
227.             Zoo